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BENIPRIME M 50 is a combination of Benidipine and Metoprolol which belongs to the group of medicines called Antihypertensives. It is used in the treatment of hypertension, a condition in which the force of the blood against the artery walls is too high for a long-term resulting in blurry or double vision, light-headedness, fainting, fatigue, headache, palpitations, nosebleeds, shortness of breath and nausea or vomiting. It may eventually cause health problems, such as heart disease.

Benidipine brings about the relaxation of blood vessels supplying the heart to improve the blood flow by reducing the influx of calcium into cells and Metoprolol works by reducing the force of contraction of the heart muscles by the blocking the effects of certain hormones called adrenaline and making the heart to beat more easily thus it lowers the blood pressure. These actions together effectively reduce the high blood pressure.

Avoid drinking grapefruit juice while taking BENIPRIME M 50 as it may reduce your blood pressure. BENIPRIME M 50 is not recommended in patients having severe asthma or severe attack of wheezing and non-cancerous tumour (phaeochromocytoma) near kidneys, serious heart, or blood vessel diseases, increased and decreased blood pressure. BENIPRIME M 50 should be used with caution among patients having liver dysfunction or liver disease.

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